Painting Landscapes in Acrylic
Dianna Shyne

We will be outside, Please do not forget a sun hat, sunscreen, a sweater if the weather is cool, bug spray, drinking water, a camera, sketchbook and pencil, and a snack. stool or folding chair for comfort

One 11” x 15”  Masterson’s sta-wet palette.
One package Materson’s Sta-wet palette  Papers  10”x 14”                                      .

PAINTING SURFACES  ( Some small gessoed matboard to practice on  5’ x 7”…and) at least six panels or canvases to paint on.  Suggestions:
11” x 14” canvas board ( *or smaller size of your choice )
or 11” x 14” stretched canvasses*
or   panels 11’ x 14” ampersand  gessoboard*

(Golden or Daniel Smith …recommended brands. You can select from other brands as well.
 Please do NOT  buy student grade paint.  You will not get good results)
Remember, I have chosen these colors for a complete range of color mixtures and values…
  (heavy body, high quality, professional grade)
  1.  Titanium White (cool opaque white) large tube              
  2.  Diarilyde Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Deep (warm deep yellow)             
  3.  Yellow Oxide  (opaque warm earthtone yellow)  
  4. Primary Yellow, Or Hansa Yellow Light (Light Bright Clear Yellow)
  5.  Organic Vermillion or Napthal Red Lt.   (both are warm light reds)  
  6.  Napthal Red Medium (cool deep red)
  7.  Quinacridone Burnt Orange  (Golden Brand)(transparent warm earthtone orange- for         underpainting and making rich warm darks, browns  and convincing greens)
  8.  Cerulean Blue Chromium Hue(neutral blue for grays and cool  shadows)
  9   Ultramarine Blue (cool purpley blue)
 10. Phthalo Blue (GS) (greenish blue transparent warm )
 Optional Colors  
 Cadmium Orange
  Quinacridone Gold (transparent warm- earthtone yellow, great for   washes, underpainting and glazing)
 Dioxazine Purple (a great color for creating rich deep browns and blacks)

(an assortment of acrylic fiber brushes-small round for details 1” flat for washes and large areas, ¼” flat for good edges and others)
1” Flat     
½” flat or bright (several)
¼” flat or bright (several)
small rounds for details

A stand up portable easel – French easel, Soltek, or gorilla painting box work well and have space for a palette and storage.   

Sketch book and pens or pencils
2” hake brush  or cheap brush from the hardware store.( optional)
Plastic tub for water (it’s best to find one that will attach to your easel)
Paper towels, (preferably the blue shop towels-they are much more absorbent)
Clip on umbrella, (to keep paint in the shade)
Plastic bag for trash

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