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Gallery #7:  The Dancer Series

Movement in Orange  SOLD:
Movement in Red
Orange Veils
Orange Silks
A Flash of Yellow
Motion in Red and Black
dance series-a flash of yelllow 10" x 10" Motion in Red dancer series-Black on Red 48" x 48" Movement in Orange Dance Series-Orange silks 48" x 48" acrylic on canvas Turquoise Flow  Orange Veils Movement in Yellow a flash of yelllow 10" x 10"
Turquoise Flow
Movement in Yellow
A Sudden Flash of Red


A few years ago, I lived in the Fremont district of Seattle.  Every year there is a large eclectic parade celebrating the summer solstice.

 As part of the parade, troupes of belly dancers of every size and age, dressed in costumes of brilliant color swirl by.  As I watched, a three year old child ran out into the midst of the twirling skirts, jingling coins and chains and flowing scarves.

She was no more than waist high and the skirts enveloped her in a whirl of color and movement.       I wondered what it would be   like to see the dancers from her perspective, so I focused the paintings as if I was             three feet tall. I used this point of view to focus on the visual ideas of color, texture, transparency and movement.

And so this series of paintings was started based on the vantage point of a three year old child caught up in the vivid whirl of the dance.

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A transparent green veil  24" x 24"
Transparent Green Veil
dancer series-the green scarf 24" x 20"

the green scarf

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