Dianna Shyne

Winslow Art Center

Color Class

Have you ever been frustrated over the way perfect color in your painting seems so elusive? Do your greens look like came from another planet, your skin tones look like death warmed over, your landscapes like a circus tent, or your sill life paintings look like mud?

In this fun, fast and friendly course, award winning artist, Dianna Shyne, will guide you from the basics into more accurate and sophisticated color mixing choices. Color mixing and color harmony is a science and you will learn the ideas behind the harmony, so you can mix your own perfect combinations.

Be prepared to do lots of little exercises, and small color studies. There will be hand outs, slides, lots of encouragement,  and even time to paint!

Winslow Arts Center, Winslow WA        206-618-3112

Color Harmony-Beyond the Basics

March 28th  9:30-4:30

A Two Day Course in Creating Color Harmony

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