Impressionism in Acrylics:
An Artist’s Toolbox
Learn to paint in acrylics with confidence and joy!
Dianna Shyne helps you explore the art of painting in acrylics through design, composition, color harmony and impressionist techniques.
Dianna's lessons are clear and easy to follow.
She will include short demonstrations, and easy to learn techniques for identifying compositional shapes and values. She also teaches a three-step guide for color mixing, and methods for using line, color, brushwork and edges to boost your painting skills to the next level.
Improve your painting skills in this fun, fast paced and very practical hands-on workshop.

You can get a head start on this class by ordering:
Dianna Shyne's Acrylic Workbook.

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October 17 and 18   10am to 4pm

November 14 and 15    10 am to 4 pm